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Awakening to True Health


I keep saying to people lately, that I feel like I have been ‘awakened’.  What I mean by that is that all that I thought was right wasn’t right at all.  I was doing my best to look after myself but I was being sold a lie.

Let me rewind a bit for you so this makes more sense.  I grew up with a fabulous Mother who made sure we were fed, three meals a day.  My Father liked to have meat and three vegetables as a general rule and when I look back, as much as Mum tried to get us to eat salads and greens, she just wasn’t going to win that fight.  My Father would joke that it was ‘rabbit food’.

As I grew older I loved eating KFC, McDonalds but my biggest addiction was CHOCOLATE!  Oh my, how I loved the chocolate goodness in any form.  I would consume, I would estimate about three standard bars of chocolate every day.  For a long time I would eat Kit Kats, then I would swap to Aeros but usually there was a stash of chocolate somewhere in the house.

Now, I knew that it wasn’t good but I wasn’t putting on weight and I still tried to eat five fruit and veggies each day …. ‘tried’ being the word to focus on there.  So, I have been rocking along in life.  I got married and had three boys and pretty much feed them what I grew up on.  Now, the food my Mother used to make isn’t the same as what I make today because food has changed.

Over the past few years, my husband and I have experienced several symptoms and complaints.  We would visit our family doctor, whom we loved, but always left with a prescription and never really felt like the problem was solved.  What has happened is our medicine cabinet at home is now basically a small pharmacy.

Things started changing when Nicky (the other half of AwesoME Inc and my very loved friend) told me about her visit to My Remedy.  She said she had a hemaview done and told me all about how amazing it was.  The ladies were naturopaths and had looked into all her issues and were working on supplements to help her gain better health.  THAT’S IT!  I decided to book my husband and me in for a visit.

My husband was very sceptical about it all.  He has several issues including chronic hayfever to the point he was considering surgery but a few other issues with his bowels.  We sat there as the lovely Lynette did the hemaview for both of us.  What is a hemaview? Well, basically it is a live blood screening, where they take a sample of blood and put it under a super strong microscope and view your blood up close.  It was AMAZING!!  There I was thinking Chris would show up with all sorts of problems and whilst he has issues to address, the big shock was when I had mine done.  I thought I was healthy, well, pretty healthy.  It wasn’t until Jo and Lynette excused themselves from the room to have a chat after they started looking at my hemaview that I thought maybe something wasn’t good.   You see, when my cells appeared on the screen from the hemaview, they were all disappearing, collapsing, dying right before me.  There was a heap of white blood cells very active, my liver was super toxic and there was a lot of inflammation showing.  They were very concerned and put me on the natural cancer medication Salvestrol as well as other supplements like the shitake mushroom mix to help my body get better.  I had a number of symptoms which I would complain about at the doctors like my fatigue plus a few that I don’t need to get into, but were actually no good at all.  Then my doctor started to get a bit concerned as well and sent me off for some tests including a blood test CA125 where they can test you for certain cancers.  This should be ZERO and anything over 35 the doctors will be looking for cancer.  Mine is 17.  My lovely naturopaths said they had people with cancer that had levels in the low 20’s.  I had an ultrasound which also showed lumps in my breasts.  Most were cysts but some were not.  I then had thermography done and it showed an area of heat going to the main lump I had detected. So what does all this mean?

“…when my cells appeared on the screen from the hemaview,
they were all disappearing, collapsing, dying right before me.”

Well, I have three young boys, so cancer isn’t an option for me.  I feel like I might be catching the big C in it’s very early stages and I know that my body can heal itself with the right food and supplements.  So, I have awakened.  I look at the ingredients on EVERYTHING!  I choose ONLY ORGANIC  wherever possible!  Eating organic food eliminates so many toxins from the chemical sprays that companies use to produce on mass.  So, if you eat the fruit and veggies from the supermarket that is good, but organic is a better option.  See a standard supermarket is filled with food that actually makes us sick.  I used to only shop at a supermarket, but now I spend about a quarter of what I used to there, just purchasing some of the organic items they stock which are cheaper there than the wholefood shops.

I also grew my own food using organic seedlings and this enables me to eat fresh produce that I know hadn’t been sprayed.  I am no gardener but have found I totally love it and find it therapy for my soul.

Grow Your Own Food

I have reduced or eliminated many items from my shopping.  I no longer eat red meat and have reduced (with an aim to eliminate) other meats, which saves me heaps which I can then spend on organic items.  I make cold pressed juice every day and are eating a lot more greens. I no longer use shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste and cleaning products which are filled with nasties. I have swapped them out for natural products. In upcoming blog posts, I am going to share with you products that I have found that are natural and much better for your health.  Some things are super simple to start changing, others take a while to get used to and I am still in the process of learning more and more and becoming a healthier me every day.

Join me and Nicky here at AwesoME Inc and let us awaken to true health together, through the foods we eat, how we move our bodies, products we use and of course how we feel.  Let us feed the body and the soul with goodness and treat ourselves with kindness and respect as we are all magnificent beings.


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