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  • discipline

    Can Discipline Really Equal Power?

    Most of us view discipline in a negative way, we get taken back to that time in primary school when our...

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  • anxiety

    Am I Suffering from Anxiety and Not Even Know It?

    There’s a term used in FACT (focussed acceptance and commitment therapy), which states that the diagnosis is the distraction. I quite...

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  • Body2

    Body Image, Self-Esteem and the Shame That Comes With It.

    There is no day where we don’t see a picture of a “perfect” body, “perfect” doll like face, living a “perfect”...

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  • break

    How To Look After YOU At Work

    We spend a lot of time there so it’s pretty important that while we hang out at work, we’re also looking...

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  • meals2

    Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 2

    Weekly meal planning can make life really easy and it’s a great form of self care. The meals in this guide...

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  • authenticity

    Authenticity & Awesomeness: The Self-improvement Myth

    Whatever you call it; personal development, self-help, self-improvement, it’s a massive business and a billion dollar industry. Whether we’re focusing on...

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  • 1negative

    The Truth About Negative Thinking and How to Re-frame Your Thoughts

    There have been a plethora of money making schemes to hit the market since “The Secret” was published in 2006. If...

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  • 1inspiration

    Be Your Own Inspiration

    If I were to ask you who inspires you, could you dare to say yourself? They say that life works in...

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  • 1journalling

    Creating Content from the Heart

    Whether you’re promoting your own business, raising awareness of a cause or charity, or simply sharing your story, content is an...

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  • 1Selflove

    Why We Need to Get Better at Self-love

    I’ve spent years teaching people how to reach their potential but there’s always one stumbling block, especially for us women. Before...

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  • meals

    Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 1

    Weekly meal planning can make life really easy and it’s a great form of self care. The meals in this guide...

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  • mindfulness-kids

    Mindfulness – A Powerful Tool For Our Littlest Humans

    Generally, when mothers approach me about fostering a mindfulness practice, their intention is that they will develop and grow the skills...

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  • foodmental

    Is Gut Health Connected to Mental Health?

    Have you ever been so nervous you felt nauseous? Have you had butterflies in your tummy before having to perform or...

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  • eggs

    Homemade Cream Eggs for Easter

    Easter soul food … I used to love cream eggs!  Today though, I find them a bit too sweet and would rather...

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  • imperfect

    Why Perfect Ain’t Pretty

    Why not just keep striving for perfection? What is wrong with wanting your end result to happen with out a hassle?...

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  • breathe

    One of the Easiest Things That Can Help You with Anxiety or Panic Attacks

    We do it all day, every day, so what is the value in breathing? How to …. Breathe Did you know is...

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