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  • thankbody

    The Unexpected Power of Thanking Your Body

    Often, if we’re feeling frustrated with our body — tired, unfit, sluggish, unhealthy — we are advised to make lifestyle changes....

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  • GetBackUp

    Get Back Up

    Hi AwesoMEr’s We have spent much of the previous resilience modules talking about looking after ourselves, setting goals, taking action, and...

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  • Sleep

    There’s Plenty of Time to Sleep When You’re… Dead?

    Sleep really is one massive topic to write about. There were oh so many ways I felt I could propel myself...

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  • feedmiind

    Feed Your Mind

    Often, when people are feeling down or anxious, you’ll hear the advice that food is the least of your concerns. And...

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  • mindsets


    Hi AwesoMEr’s This month I want you to think about how you learn and face challenges. Ever wanted to learn or...

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  • toxic

    How to Deal With Toxic People

    Learning how to deal with toxic people is, I believe, a necessary tool to have in your kitte. Essentially, you are...

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  • smoothie

    Why I Love Smoothies for Breakfast

    Breakfast truly is an important meal. For many, it wakes up your metabolism and can set you up for the day....

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  • gift

    The Gift of Being Present

    – Christopher de Lint.   With this month’s blog I want to share with you one of the fundamental qualities of...

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  • whatwhy

    What’s Your Why?

    Why do you do what you do? What made you choose your job? Your hobbies? Your friends? The charities or causes...

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  • kidshappy2

    20 Easy Ways to Make Kids Happy

    All most parents want for their kids is for them to be happy. So how exactly do we do this? In...

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  • makeup

    #1 Weird Thing I Used to Do When Applying Makeup

    After discovering a lump in my breast nearly two years ago, I decided that I needed to re-think how I was...

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  • soulfood

    Crowding in Soul Food

    The next instalment in our series of Gentle Nutrition and foods to crowd-in for health might surprise you, but I believe...

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  • connection2

    Connection…The Real Stuff, Not Your WIFI!

    How many of your 400 Facebook friends have you had a good meaty conversation with in the past year? How many...

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  • communicate


    I have a George Bernard Shaw quote up in my office that reads ‘the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it...

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  • tipsJournal

    5 Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

    We really want you to gain some of the amazing benefits from the practice of gratitude so here are five tips...

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  • micronutrients

    Be Mindful of The Little Guys

    The foundation of “Gentle Nutrition” is understanding that our bodies need certain nutrients to function optimally but is also about being...

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