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  • kidshappy2

    20 Easy Ways to Make Kids Happy

    All most parents want for their kids is for them to be happy. So how exactly do we do this? In...

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  • soulfood

    Crowding in Soul Food

    The next instalment in our series of Gentle Nutrition and foods to crowd-in for health might surprise you, but I believe...

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  • connection2

    Connection…The Real Stuff, Not Your WIFI!

    How many of your 400 Facebook friends have you had a good meaty conversation with in the past year? How many...

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  • communicate


    I have a George Bernard Shaw quote up in my office that reads ‘the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it...

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  • tipsJournal

    5 Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

    We really want you to gain some of the amazing benefits from the practice of gratitude so here are five tips...

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  • micronutrients

    Be Mindful of The Little Guys

    The foundation of “Gentle Nutrition” is understanding that our bodies need certain nutrients to function optimally but is also about being...

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  • nonattachment


    Let me tell you something… anger, frustration, and sadness are not our enemy. Our attachment to these concepts is what causes...

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  • socialconnection

    Social Connection

    No man is an island, right? This month I want to get you thinking about who in your social network provides…

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  • GratitudeLife

    How Gratitude Transformed My Life

    Yes, gratitude has literally transformed my life! How? Well, I used to be a very negative person. I was very judgmental...

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  • gratitudebenefits

    Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

    There are just so many benefits of using a gratitude journal that I can’t possibly mention them all in one go....

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  • Love

    Love From Within

    As part of our Gentle Nutrition series, we’ve been introduced to the ‘crowding-in’ theory and crowded-in all sorts of different foods...

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  • moveslow

    Move Slow

    Last month I wrote about moving fast and getting your heart pumping. This month we go a little slower and look...

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  • confessions

    Confessions of a Working Mum

    I recently read this article online where a mother was trying to say that being a mum isn’t hard work. I’m...

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  • kidshappy

    What Makes Kids Happy?

    Do you know what makes your child happy? Have you sat down with them lately and asked? You might be surprised...

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  • selfconfidence

    Boost Your Self-Confidence with this One Thing

    As females, we are bombarded with how we should look, and because of this, almost every woman I know battles with...

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  • FabFibre

    Fabulous Fibre

    In case you haven’t heard, fibre is pretty important. And if there is one thing that most health professionals agree on,...

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