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  • protein

    Essential Protein | Crowding In

    As part of this series on CROWDING IN we’ve learned how a focus on getting more of the good stuff rather than...

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  • quietyourmind

    Quiet Your Mind

    Hi AwesoMErs, How noisy is your mind? A rock concert of demands and thoughts? What if I told you there was...

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  • trauma2

    A Mindful Approach to Trauma

    Trauma is defined by the American Psychological Association as: “An emotional response to a terrible event…” I want to highlight two...

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  • Powerhouse

    The Powerhouse of Nutrition

    If there is one thing that EVERYONE would agree we need to get more of in our diets it’s no doubt...

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  • relax4

    Relax. Take A Breath

    Hi AwesoMErs, At the end of last year I wrote about our body’s stress response and some of the ways we...

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  • mindfulMedia2

    Mindful Media Consumption

    Have you ever thought about how the news affects you? Have you noticed that the structure of the news generally goes something...

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  • Valentines

    Give Gratitude This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day was not originally all about romantic love, but during the 14th century, it started evolving into a day in...

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  • CrowdingIN

    Crowding In | Gentle Nutrition

    We all have our own personal (and usually quite long) lists of foods that we avoid because of this reason or...

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  • whatisresilience

    What is Resilience?

    Happy 2017 and Happy Year of Resilience! As I mentioned in my last post I am honoured to be teaming up...

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  • mindful2

    How to be Adventurous with Mindfulness to Support Good Mental Health

    Hello 2017! As the new year rolls over, I want to propose a new blueprint for well-being. I want us to...

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  • passwords

    The Power of Passwords

    We use passwords every day and usually many times a day.  Love them or hate them, we all have to use...

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  • GentleNutrition

    An Introduction to Gentle Nutrition

    There are so many “rules” out there when it comes to Nutrition. Everywhere you look, people are telling you to stop...

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  • resilience2

    A Year of Resilience

    What a privilege!
    Hi AwesoMErs, I am pretty excited and honoured to be invited by Nicky and Bex to share my knowledge…

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  • 66reasons

    66 Reasons to be Grateful

    We live in a world filled, too often, with negative talk and, so when we first start practising gratitude, it can be hard to...

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  • AwakenHealth

    Awakening to True Health

    I keep saying to people lately, that I feel like I have been ‘awakened’.  What I mean by that is that...

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  • Children

    Why You Should Thank Your Children

    When you ask your child to do something, do you thank them when they do it? Do you openly express your...

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