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  • resilience2

    A Year of Resilience

    What a privilege!
    Hi AwesoMErs, I am pretty excited and honoured to be invited by Nicky and Bex to share my knowledge…

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  • 66reasons

    66 Reasons to be Grateful

    We live in a world filled, too often, with negative talk and, so when we first start practising gratitude, it can be hard to...

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  • AwakenHealth

    Awakening to True Health

    I keep saying to people lately, that I feel like I have been ‘awakened’.  What I mean by that is that...

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  • Children

    Why You Should Thank Your Children

    When you ask your child to do something, do you thank them when they do it? Do you openly express your...

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  • takecharge

    Take Charge of Your Health, One Step at a Time

    Why oh why does it have to be so hard to look after ourselves when it seems so simple? I know that...

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  • visionboard

    5 Reasons You Should Make A Vision Board

    Here are just five reasons you should make a vision board, dream board or life map today: You have to THINK about...

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  • Smile

    5 Reasons You Need To Smile

    Here are 5 Reasons You Need To Smile: 1. Smiling gets others to trust you Smiling is just one visual way that...

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  • haveFun

    Have Fun, Feel Alive

    Have fun, feel alive, that is what 2016 is going to be about.  For too long I have watched my kids...

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  • GratitudeKids

    5 Reasons To Teach Gratitude To Our Children

    Obviously, there are more than five reasons, but these ones seem to be super awesome … 1.Gratitude Increases Levels of Happiness...

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  • Happiness&Health

    Happiness and Health

    For a long time we haven’t really thought about how happiness can affect us physically, or thought about the impact our...

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  • mymanifestingjourney

    My Manifesting Journey

    I want to share with you the immense power of manifesting your thoughts, and the best way to do this is...

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  • createlife

    How to Create the Life You Always Dreamed of!

    This is a summary of how to create the life you have always dreamed of!  Each section can be delved into...

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  • whereami

    Where Am I Now?

    Look at your current situation and contemplate… How did you end up here?  Is this where you want to remain?  You...

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  • vision

    How to Define Your Vision

    Create and manifest the life of your dreams. It is about ‘Owning Your Life’ and not simply getting through the days.  Nicky...

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  • lifemap

    Create a Vision Board

    A powerful tool to help you get the things you want. Owning your life and being clear about what you want is...

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  • gratitude

    Practice Gratitude Daily

    Making gratitude part of your daily life is a sure fire way of creating a happier you. This is such a...

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