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Supporting your emotional wellbeing with all our digital resources in one place.

Helping ourselves and those we love survive through difficult times can seem like a distant dream. But imagine not just surviving but thriving. Becoming stronger and wiser through the experiences of everyday life. That’s what building resilience is all about, and our resources for kids, teens and adults are a great way to start this journey.

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AwesoME Inc.® is your starting point to creating a healthier and happier you. We know that when crisis hits having skills that build up our resilience can be a life-saver. 

Gratitude, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition are all ways you can build resilience and help you keep focused, positive and calm in the face of adversity.


“Thank you for a truly wonderful initiative, it has honestly changed our family for the better x”


Colouring In Activities

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Stay focused. Keep calm. Be Positive. 

Boosting your health and happiness, so you can live the awesome life you truly deserve. That is our mission here at AwesoME Inc®. Our gratitude and resilience programmes are scientifically proven, easy to use and are designed to empower kids, teens and adults to elevate their happiness. So they can become stronger and wiser through the experiences of everyday life.


“Really helping me find the happiness and spark in life I seem to have lost lately.”

Sarah A

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