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Focus & Flow | A Goal Setting and Gratitude Masterclass

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focus and flowA goal setting and gratitude masterclass

Finding it hard to get back into the swing of work and life after the Summer break?
Join us to define your vision for the coming year.



Join us for a masterclass combining the power of VISION BOARDS and GRATITUDE to manifest more of what you desire. Learn to focus on your goals, and find your flow to create a content and happy life.

Visualisation, and creating a vision board, is a powerful tool which helps evoke your desired feelings, align with your deepest desires and can motivate you to keep tracking towards your dream goals.

For you to start figuring out how to achieve what you want, you must first decide what you want, this is where focus and flow can begin, because so often what you focus on grows. Plus learn the tips and techniques of getting the most out of your gratitude practice, to retrain your brain to focus on the positive and in turn boost your happiness.

By combining the power of gratitude and visualization you are aligning yourself with a positive flow of energy, which will attract more positive energy into your life and help you to create the life you deserve.

Some words from previous attendees:
“What is one main thing you got out of today?”

“Clarity about what I want in my biz life for 2019!!”

“I feel inspired to reset and be more proactive with goals etc. So good. So beneficial.”

“To focus on my goals and remove what isn’t serving me.”

“I am responsible for my own joy and I can get that by practising gratitude.”

Focus & Flow
A Goal Setting and Gratitude Masterclass brought to you by AwesoME Inc.

Event has been cancelled at this stage, for more information on future events please contact

Early Bird Price: $79
General Admission: $89
Limited to 12 people ONLY.
Tickets include a Vision Board starter pack (valued at $34) + Special Gift (valued at $20) + morning tea/refreshments/tea/coffee 


Free parking onsite. Located in a brand spanking new industrial area this venue is beautifully zen and perfect for our workshop.
Option to buy discounted AwesoME Inc gratitude journals at the workshop.
Tickets are limited so be quick!
Some food is provided but feel free to bring a working lunch.


This is NOT a craft party! This is a MASTERCLASS where you will be learning the principles behind goal setting, the power of visualisation and how to manifest the life you desire. Plus how to use the practice of gratitude journaling to boost your happiness and well-being.

Create the life you have always wanted, a life worth living.


The powerful goal setting tool to help you get the things you want. Owning your life and being clear about what you want is the key.

Amy Willoughby, from Be and Bloom, will coach you on how to find and set your goals, dreams and visions for the future. This is the most important aspect of the workshop. Amy will teach you how to approach the task and the secrets to creating and manifesting the life you want through your vision board.


An interactive session – A chance for you to have a break, eat some lunch, and have the opportunity to chat to us and other like-minded attendees. We can share with you tips and techniques using various resources to find the right images of your future life.

vision board


Noticing more and more what we can be grateful for, helps us realise that happiness is right here within us.

Nicky Perry, owner/director of AwesoME Inc, will take you through the specifics of getting the most out of your gratitude practice. Find out the principles behind gratitude, its benefits to the mind and body, how to practice gratitude efficiently and effectively plus much more.


Take home your very own AwesoME Inc VISION BOARD Starter Pack to finish your own personal journey. Making your own vision board is a very personal process, and we will give you instructions on how to complete it, to allow yourself the creative space to dream big. 

You will also have the opportunity to purchase AwesoME Inc Gratitude Journals at huge discounts. Learning to use gratitude and goal setting together will focus your energy and the Universe will deliver your dreams a lot faster!



A notebook and pen to write notes. During our PLAY session you will have the opportunity to start your VISION BOARD, so if you want you can bring old magazines, images, cut outs and pictures, pens or coloured pencils, scissors and glue, but they are not essential


Amy Willoughby

Life Coach, Writer, Creative
Be & Bloom

Amy spent the first 20 years of her career as a hair stylist, behind the salon chair, but always felt she wanted to go deeper than just the surface and aesthetics. After spending the last three years of her hairdressing career cutting and styling wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy, she quickly understood the importance of empowering individuals through the core of their identity and essence.

She has always had a passion for connecting the dots through personal development and now helps others to do the same. Amy helps women to feel empowered, to realise their full potential, unique value and build their own momentum towards their desires. She guides them to follow their truth, grow, transform and create a life they also love!

Visit BE & BLOOM website

Nicky Perry

Founding Director, Creative
AwesoME Inc

Helping to create a better you is the promise of many companies, but for NZ based business Awesome Inc, it is a deeply personal ethos of it’s founders. A way to cope with mental health issues sparked the idea for Awesome Inc, to help others take care of themselves. Awesome Inc create products and resources based on the research of positive psychology – the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive – including a stunning range of gratitude journals for adults, teens and kids.

Originally from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, Nicky has 22+ years experience working as a graphic designer and art director in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. She is passionate about combining her expertise as a designer with helping others develop the skills and strengths they need to thrive and live a happy and content life.

Visit AWESOME INC website


Regional Health & Beauty
@ 6 Laurenson Rd, Hobsonville is a brand new building and part of a new business area in booming Hobsonville, West Auckland. Overlooking a beautifully zen garden, with water feature, will leave you feeling inspired!

Free parking onsite.

ONLY 20 minutes from Auckland City and 16 minutes from Albany. 

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New Event TBC

Early Bird Price: $79
General Admission:

Tickets include a Vision Board starter pack (valued at $34)
+ Special Gift (valued at $20) + light lunch! 


Free parking onsite.

Tickets are limited so be quick!

focus and flow

Book Sales at the Workshop…

AwesoME Inc Gratitude Journal & Wellness Guide’s – $30
AwesoME Inc Gratitude Journal for Kids – $20

(eftpos available) 


Find out how goal setting and gratitude can help you create the life you desire. This workshop has limited seats and will sell out fast!


Questions? Contact us at or via our website – www.AwesomeEndsIn.Me
Find out more about AwesoME Inc here.