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Happiness and Health


For a long time we haven’t really thought about how happiness can affect us physically, or thought about the impact our emotions may have on our health.  However, more and more research is being done on positive emotions with quite amazing results.

Think about it for a moment …. when you are feeling happy, what sort of things do you want to do?  For me, I want to get active, go for a walk at the beach, dance to music.  I really believe that since learning to become truly happy and content, that I am now looking after myself better.  I am changing the way I eat, swapping out food that you can buy at a supermarket to either growing it myself or buying organic, unprocessed food.  Since becoming happy, I have become vegetarian as I feel more connected with the Earth and the other living creatures that I share it with.

I have recently started yoga and I hope this becomes a bigger part of my life, along with meditation and my daily practice of writing in my gratitude journal.  See, things are really changing, all, I feel, as a direct result of living a happy life.

I have three young boys, one of whom has autism. I home-school my boys and I have a few part time jobs that I work at from home.  I live on a three hectare property which always needs attention.  Life is busy and can be stressful at times, but my underlying feeling is of happiness and contentment.  What has changed?  My perception about everything!  Instead of focusing on what I want or don’t have, I look at all that I do have and it seems that living with this mindset, life just seems to get better and better.

At one point I was very mentally unwell.  I couldn’t even imagine what a life worth living looked like.  I just wanted to turn my brain off.  I lay in bed all day.  I ate a lot of chocolate and processed, unhealthy food.  I rarely got out and did anything even close to physical activity. I was sick a lot with colds and sore throats.  My emotions were playing a huge part in how I lived my life.

Gratitude has shown me the way to happiness by focusing on the good each day.

Research shows that happiness could well be one of the most important factors in living a long life. Please watch the clip below from the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy who prescribes happiness.


  1. Tracy January 10, 2016 Reply

    Whoa Bex! Thank you for your honesty. Your story is so motivating! I feel as though I am you starting off just as you did. I am striving to live a positive happy life and I’m pleased to report that my gratitude journal is proving to be a wonderful tool assisting me on my journey.

    • Author
      Bex Lipp January 10, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Tracy! Sometimes it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, but then all of a sudden I would look back and realise that I had come a long way. I have been using a gratitude journal for over four years now. A wonderful tool to help increase happiness that research backs up as well. So happy that you are on the path to happiness and we are right here for you if you need us. Bex

  2. Lori August 10, 2017 Reply

    I used to be focused on what my life should be wasn’t grateful for my life I had until sometime changed within me, I had spiritual beliefs in Christ it the Bible it says don’t be focused on what you have on earth what’s waiting in heaven is amazing being grateful for what God has given us is great way to get out of depression and really feel content with what you have.

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