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Nicky PerryHelping Create a Happier You

I am so passionate about using gratitude and how it translates into happiness and health…

The team at AwesoME Inc™ wish to help create happier and healthier individuals, because everyone deserve to live a fulfilling life.

Through our blog we share information and programmes on resilience, nutrition, mindful mediation, exercise and so much more. Focusing on creating, not just happiness but health too! Part of this is the practice of gratitude. It is something we are all capable of and have limitless capacity for, yet it is a completely under utilised way of improving your mental and physical well-being.

Through our stunning stationery and positive brand we are helping to empower our audience to take a chance on themselves.

By focusing on things like: Gratitude, Resilience, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Relationships; we can improve our levels of happiness and fulfillment. We soon learn that we can have a content and meaningful life with a whole lot less.

Life is wonderful in its simplicity.

We love to work with like-minded brands and businesses who share our need to get their positive message out to the world.






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Our audience are 99% women, 93% are aged between 24 and 54 years, 60% live in New Zealand and 37% live in Australia.

They are highly engaged women who are looking to improve their own and their families lives through conscious changes to their physical and mental health, and by being more environmentally aware.

73% of household spending is controlled by women – Boston Consulting Group


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Passionate about helping others create happier lives.

The founders of AwesoME Inc – Nicky Perry and Bex Lipp – discovered they had very similar ideas and intentions, and wanted to share their combined skills in order to create a business that could change lives for the better.

Having experienced the positive benefits of gratitude and manifesting in their own lives, it seemed a natural fit to share this with others. In July 2018, Bex took a step back from the business to concentrate on her family, leaving Nicky at the helm.

Nicky’s aim for AwesoME Inc is to empower individuals to create happiness in their own lives and to reach people with amazing resources and tools to help them do just that.

Winning NEXT Magazine’s HER OWN BOSS Awards in July 2018 – AwesoME Inc is gaining attention for the positive aspect of our business and continuing to grow and gather an amazing team of professionals to provide our audience with information and products to help improve their lives.

Our Facebook following has grown to over 33,000 in under three years, as well as a very engaged private group of 2,000+ and a database of over 6,000.


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  • Nicky Perry

    Managing Director/ Founder

    Originally from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, Nicky has 22+ years experience working in various design environments as a graphic designer and art director in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. She is passionate about design and loves creating beautiful products that make people happy. (more…)
  • Bex Lipp


    With a vast experience of running businesses and charitable projects, Bex wants to sprinkle happiness as far as she can, because from her own personal experience, she knows gratitude works. She lives in Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand with her husband, three boys and numerous fur babies. In July 2018 Bex stepped down from AwesoME Inc to spend more time with her family.
  • Juliet Battersby

    Educational Psychologist/Content Writer

    As a registered Educational Psychologist, Juliet has worked with a wide variety of children, families, and individuals during her time with the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), and in private practice. She has a passion for the topic of resilience and its importance in our modern lives, particularly for young people. (more…)
  • Michelle Yandle

    Health & Nutrition Coach/Content Writer

    Michelle Yandle is a Health and Nutrition Coach on her way to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist with The Holistic Performance Institute., She is also an international speaker with IISB, successful entrepreneur and two-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™. (more…)
  • Victoria Hood

    Mindfulness Coach/Content Writer

    Victoria has been working in the mental health and addiction field over the past 7 years since leaving University with an honours degree in Psychology. During her time spent working in addiction, Victoria was introduced to the practice of mindfulness. Since this time Victoria has become extremely passionate about incorporating mindfulness into both her professional and her family life. (more…)
  • Ree George

    Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor & New Business Development

    Ree George is a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor who has been teaching people how to be-well, and move-well for the past 17 years. Ree qualified with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Otago University in 1999, and has been working as a Physiotherapist both here in New Zealand, (more…)


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  • How to Practice Gratitude
    How to Practice Gratitude

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What Our Customers Say

  • "Am loving my gratitude journal!!!! Got one for myself & one for my daughter. It is so refreshing to write down the things that I am thankful & grateful for daily (well almost daily!) & start each day with a positive outlook, it is working well with my young daughter too - life is too short to be consistently miserable & these journals are a positive & reflective tool in our lives. Thanks so much to Bex & Nicky for creating them xxx"
    Theresa C
  • "My Gratitude Journal arrived today and I love it! I have wanted one for a while and finally treated myself. Fantastic prompt delivery and beautifully packaged with a personal hand written note.. you guys rock! Thank you xx"
    Michelle L
  • "I put this on my Christmas list this year and was so happy when I opened one. I have been struggling with mental health issues for many years and am finally two months in to getting help to try and get my life back. My beautiful journal has become my daily routine to get me to look at all the good in each day, no matter how small and while my road to complete happiness is a long one, my journal has become my weapon to help me fight my way through! Thank you so much for creating such good and inspiring people to embrace happy and positive things in life"
    Tiffany E McK
  • "I have noticed such a difference in thinking since she began using the gratitude journal. I can literally see the negatives being turned into positives in her brain and it is reflected in her behavior and attitude. Living with cancer as a child is not fair or fun, but writing in her journal every night has proved such a calming activity and really does improve her mental health and wellbeing."
  • "Thank you Bex, I received the Gratitude Journal today it is fabulous and my friend will absolutely love it!!!  Now I want one too. I think your Journal's are amazing and a great idea.
    I just wanted to let you both know I was blown away by the awesome service and personal touches to what can be a very automated/impersonal process these days.  The lovely email message that had a lovely personal touch to it, to tell me you had just popped it on the courier and then to receive the package faster than expected especially at this time of year and see a lovely hand written note on my invoice.  Very impressed with the time you both take to make the shopping experience a personal and enjoyable one.
    Wishing you both well and look forward to shopping with you again in the future."
    Jo M
  • "Really love my gratitude journal it is really helping me find the happiness and spark in life I seem to have lost lately. The colouring pages are a great addition too, really help with relaxation as with the Shakti mat which I'm just getting used to."
    Sarah A