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A Diet For Seven Generations by Michelle Yandle

A Diet For Seven Generations by Michelle Yandle


A practical guide to health and wellness with tips on how to put it into action and recipes to make it delicious!

Written by The Good Life's Michelle Yandle with foreword by Caryn Zinn PhD

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Filled with easy to make and delicious recipes, this book will be a valuable resource for  anyone who wants to lose weight, feel more energy and reconnect.

A Diet For Seven Generations is a deep breath amongst the chaos that is the weight-loss and wellness industry today.  People are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the latest and best dietary theories, and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of things slowing down.

Michelle Yandle however, wants to do just that. Take things way back, slow things down and offer simple and practical solutions to wellness.  A Diet for 7 Generations offers 11 simple guidelines for health and wellness that have been passed on for generations. It’s about bringing back simplicity and going back to what makes sense so that we can feel vibrant and healthy again not just for our benefit but for the benefit of generations to come.

Michelle Yandle not only shares with us her own personal struggles and successes with her health but offers options for those who want to eat right without spending a fortune.

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About the Author:

When Michelle was 3 years old she went to sleep one day and almost didn’t wake up.

A few days later, a simple dose of glucose in the IV and a jug of orange juice paved the way for a raging sugar addiction that would consume her food choices for years to come.

All her life, she considered herself healthy and yet the years went on, and her health declined until she asked herself one question-

“What did my ancestors eat?”

And everything changed.

As the founder of The Good Life Health, she’s deeply passionate about teaching others to listen to their bodies and ditch the sugar addiction once and for all so that they can feel the vibrancy that she too didn’t know it was possible to feel.

Clients refer to her as “passionate” and her programs have been described as “life-changing”.

Her tips have been featured in Fitness Journals and newspapers and she has been busy transforming the health of her local Taraanki community with a passion that is spreading Nation-wide.

When she is not touring the country you can find her enjoying some time at home with her fur-babies and husband and creating recipes that are simple, delicious, and drive that sugar demon away!

Michelle Yandle is the “real deal” when it comes to true health. This book goes offers a unique and powerful solution to managing health and weight long term. I highly recommend it as a resource to taking your health to the next level! Her easy to implement steps are perfect for someone struggling with weight management or simply looking for tools to food planning and healthy eating! – Shelley Ugyan – Author of Food Freedom

This is a fantastic book to have in your home to start you off on your real food journey or, if you’re already started, to get you thinking about some of the deeper issues behind the food that you eat. – Claire Deeks Owner of “Dom’s Kitchen

This book assumes a whole food focus and is an easy-to-read and understand guide with a range of delicious recipes emphasising seasonal and ethical food purchases. I congratulate Michelle for integrating these simple yet effective concepts into this book, which makes it an enjoyable read and which will guide you and your family towards achieving optimal health through eating whole food.  – Caryn Zinn Phd – Author of What the Fat