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The Empowered Eating Handbook by Michelle Yandle

The Empowered Eating Handbook by Michelle Yandle


Stop Dieting - Start Listening

The Empowered Eating Handbook, by Michelle Yandle, is a life-changing manual for anyone who struggles with food, health and weight.

This 30-day program will help bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ so that you can reach your health goals for good without dieting, guilt or deprivation.

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The Empowered Eating Handbook’s system is simple and effective using a proven approach to transform your relationship with food, and simply get more joy out of life.

Michelle is a well-known specialist in this area both in New Zealand and worldwide having effectively used the steps in this book to help people both in her private practice and online.


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Based on ancient principals, this modern approach to food and health will change the way you look at yourself and dieting for good. This book is perfect for anyone who suffers from any food issues including overeating, yo-yo dieting, or issues with weight and body size ​and provides a long-term solution for physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health, one step at a time.

This book is for you if:
You have found yourself off and on diets for far too long.

You struggle with self-esteem, self-care and self-respect.

You are confused by all the dietary theories out there and just want to find out what’s best for YOU.

You feel guilt and shame from eating certain foods.

You catch yourself overeating and binge eating.

You’re ready to learn how to eat well for life.

You just want to learn how to be in charge or your diet and eat normally again!

The Empowered Eating Handbook will explore:
Guidelines to help you eat instinctively so that you can customise your food choices to those that empower you and make you feel amazing.

Strategies to help you feel in charge of your food choices and no longer feel helpless around food.

Tips to help you let go of obsessive thinking around food so that you can simply get more enjoyment from it and achieve your health goals without diet, restriction or deprivation.

Learn how to get more joy out of life through self-care and other lifestyle supports so that food will ultimately lose its power.

About the Author:

When Michelle was 3 years old she went to sleep one day and almost didn’t wake up.

A few days later, a simple dose of glucose in the IV and a jug of orange juice paved the way for a raging sugar addiction that would consume her food choices for years to come.

All her life, she considered herself healthy and yet the years went on, and her health declined until she asked herself one question-

“What did my ancestors eat?”

And everything changed.

As the founder of The Good Life Health, she’s deeply passionate about teaching others to listen to their bodies and ditch the sugar addiction once and for all so that they can feel the vibrancy that she too didn’t know it was possible to feel.

Clients refer to her as “passionate” and her programs have been described as “life-changing”.

Her tips have been featured in Fitness Journals and newspapers and she has been busy transforming the health of her local Taraanki community with a passion that is spreading Nation-wide.

When she is not touring the country you can find her enjoying some time at home with her fur-babies and husband and creating recipes that are simple, delicious, and drive that sugar demon away!