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Gratitude of Love & Laughter Intention Bracelet

Gratitude of Love & Laughter Intention Bracelet

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Created with Impression Jasper, Smokey Quartz, Crazy Lace Agate and Rose Quartz - infused with Reiki

It is AMAZING what can happen when we find a way to find the blessing in our day and be thankful for the things that make us smile, make us giggle, make us laugh from the belly!

The most challenging day can be transformed from one of struggle to feeling the shift of energy through something that makes us smile or laugh. It may be a kind gesture you see, it may be the beauty of a sunset, it may be something your loved one says that is just so goofy you can’t help but smile. The clouds begin to part and the sun shines through.

The combination of these crystals hold the intention and energy of love, laughter, joy, and fun ~ may you find Gratitude in these things that light you up!

NOTE:  Each bracelet is individually hand made by Aileen from Mystic Trinity and so they will vary slightly from the photos.

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