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Gratitude of Wisdom & Strength Intention Bracelet

Gratitude of Wisdom & Strength Intention Bracelet

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Created with Black Onyx, Chalk Turquoise, Clear Quartz and Chrysocolla - infused with Reiki

Life often throws us curve balls, you know the ones, where you feel like they just knock you on the head, tip you upside down, turn your world inside out and you simply don’t know how you are going to get through it … but you do!

Through that experience, you discover an inner strength you didn’t realise you had. With those lessons come wisdom, and when you tap into the gratitude of what you have learnt, healing may begin to take place. You step into owning your inner goddess power that makes you feel not only stronger to navigate your journey ahead but excited to see what awaits you. Your light shines brighter and you become an inspiration to many and that is the magic of finding the blessing and being thankful.

NOTE: Each bracelet is individually hand made by Aileen from Mystic Trinity and so they will vary slightly from the photos.

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