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The Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle [eBook]

The Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle [eBook]


Tune out the dieting dogma and tune in to YOUR BODY.

There are so many “rules” when it comes to nutrition. Everywhere you look, people are telling you to stop eating this or start eating that. So what's a person to do?

Michelle Yandle, nutrition coach, believes there should only be one ‘rule’ when it comes to nutrition - start by tuning out the dieting dogma and simply turn within.

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Have you ever asked your body what it actually wants?
Have you even asked it if it’s hungry before grabbing that biscuit
or questioning what it really needs?

Our bodies are clever entities – they know what they need for energy, for endurance and overall performance. If you take the time to listen to your body’s hunger rather than your head you’ll find it has a lot of great suggestions.

Have you ever eaten fresh seasonal fruits or vegetables and felt bloated and lethargic? Have you ever had some fresh salmon or other fatty fish and wish you hadn’t? Assuming of course, you didn’t eat too much! Did that homemade muesli with coconut yogurt make you want to take a nap? Probably not.

Find out how to tune into your body with The Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle and learn the nutrition advice that comes from a place of self love and gratitude and nourishes you from the inside out. With tips and tricks to get more of the good stuff this book will help guide you on your own health journey.

Includes bonus Food Diary and recipes.



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About the Author:

Michelle Yandle is a Health and Nutrition Coach on her way to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist with The Holistic Performance Institute. She is also an international speaker with IISB, successful entrepreneur and two-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™.

Michelle has a bachelor degree from Dalhousie University, Halifax, a graduate degree in education from the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and also holds certificates in health and nutrition coaching through the school of Holistic Performance Nutrition, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Cadence Health in New Zealand.

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