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Resilience Toolkit Complete eCourse | M1-12

Resilience Toolkit Complete eCourse | M1-12

$334.67 $33.47

Start your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today!

A fabulous 12 Module Resilience Programme that’s easy to follow and based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.

Do you get angry easily?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you find it hard to fall asleep because your mind is racing?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?

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Not only does it impact on your day to day emotional health but it also impacts your physical health.

If you are reading this you are probably looking for a sure-fire way to manage your emotions…

Created by educational psychologist Juliet Battersby and AwesoME Inc™, The Resilience Toolkit eCourse takes you through twelve (12) easy to follow modules full of instructions, work sheets and more, based on the latest scientific research.

You can learn to become more resilient, enabling you to deal with times of stress and hardship, and live the life you deserve.

By starting your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today you will get…

12 Modules of step-by-step instructions with the latest skills, tools and resources based on the best psychological research out there at the moment
($2,376 Value)

PLUS exclusive BONUS expert lessons/eBooks
($594 Value)

PLUS 12 BONUS gorgeous inspirational prints
($180 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,150!
Yours for just $49 for a limited time. Usually $490, that is 90% off!

Start TODAY with all 11 Modules!

You will immediately receive:
Module 1: An Introduction
Module 2: Relax: Part One – Breathing and Guided Meditation
Module 3: Relax: Part Two – Mindfulness
Module 4: Relax: Part Three – Optimism & Gratitude PLUS Extra Bonus FREE eBook
Module 5: Move: Part One – Move Fast
Module 6: Move: Part Two – Move Slow PLUS Bonus Content.
Module 7: Engage: Part One – Social Connection
Module 8: Engage: Part Two – Communicate
Module 9: Engage: Part Three – Contribution
Module 10: Develop: Part One – Mindsets PLUS Extra Bonus FREE eBook
Module 11: Develop: Part Two – Challenge Negativity
Module 12: Develop: Part Three – Goal Setting



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Why is RESILIENCE important?

There are two ways to think about resilience:

to be so strong that absolutely nothing bad ever penetrates,
or to be flexible enough to take the hits, rebound, bounce back.

Many of us think we must be the former. Strong and impenetrable, affected by nothing, able to cope with everything. Lovely in theory but IMPOSSIBLE and when we can’t live up to this expectation it’s tough. We can be tough on ourselves and start telling ourselves we should be able to cope, we should be better than this, do more, be more, and down we go….

The reality is that unexpected things will happen, we will get tired, stressed, frustrated, and we will get sad. 

And that’s ok. Really it is.

This is where the second idea of resilience comes in, and is what we think of as resilience in the psychology world.

Resilience is having the skills, tools, and resources (both internal and external) to identify negative emotions, to accept them, and rebuild.

In The Resilience Toolkit eCourse, we share with you a whole range of these skills, tools and resources. Some may be new to you but many will be things you already do or just seem common sense. That’s because most of the time we are resilient.

Most of the time we do a good job of getting to school or work, enjoying our friends, spending time with family, walking the dog, and dealing with traffic.

It’s just when something unexpected happens or the pressure gets turned up that we need some additional support or some help in accessing the support we already have.

The Resilience Toolkit eCourse will enable you to deal with times of stress and hardship, and you can live the life you deserve.